Thursday, April 28, 2011

IT-crime strikes back

Translated from infowatch LiveJournal.

A man fell victim to web theft. Scheme was simple and common - bad antivirus, trojan program, credit card limit exhausted. But our hero happened to be IT guru of some kind, or probably had a wise friend. Together they somehow managed to extract the e-mail of trojan author, then found out his ICQ, then phone number and even name, and only then they went to the police.

Happy end? Not quite. Our hero proudly told policemen how he "hacked the hacker" and demonstrated final results. How does the situation seem from the police point of view? Original hacker is apparently in another RF region, so any awards for case solution will pass these particular policemen. Computer is long cleared from virus, all information is obtained with violations of Penal Code...

On the other hand, there's our hero, here and now. He's just confessed in privacy violations, has all the proofs with him... And next day he was in need of good defense attorney.

Tag line? Dunno, think, before you go to police in Russia.


  1. hack the hacker :D that's nice

  2. Damn. Tough situation he got there. Very informative. Thanks :)

  3. Hard to believe someone that smart is really that fucking stupid.

  4. i don't it's just cos he was in russia.. would also happen in other country.. sad but true :)