Friday, April 29, 2011

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Congratulation to everyone on passing this mark!
The majority of Internet surfers seems to know one and only Soviet piece of music. Well, I want to try and create another meme, or at least just share a piece of good music. This are the closing titles to "Dust" movie. The song is "Changement!" by Viktor Tsoi, and... performance is by Alexey Znamenskiy.

You may not understand Russian, but that is pure energy in the form of a man. Rough translation is after the cut

Instead of heat - green glass
Instead of fire - smoke,
The calendar grid loses another day.
The red sun is burned out,
Day is out with it,
On the burning city falls the shadow.

"Changes!" - demand in our hearts.
"Changes!" - demand in our eyes.
In our laughter and our tears,
And in the pulse of our veins:
"Changes! We are waiting for the changes!"

Electric light continues our day,
And a box of matches is empty
But blue flower of gas burns in the kitchen.
Cigarette in hand, tea on the table - this scheme is simple,
And there is nothing more, all is up to us.


We can not boast of the wise eyes
And of the skillful hand gestures,
We do not need it all to understand each other.
Cigarette in hand, tea on the table - so the circle closes,
And then you become afraid to change anything.



  1. Huh, I thought I turned it of. Thanks for telling me.

    Woah. Watching that guy is a trip. A funny one.

  2. Congratulations to you! I really can't understand what he sings but it sounds nice! The lyrics are pretty awesome too.

  3. i still think tatu is much better ^^

  4. I wat'd. The whole time. But it was intriguing, in a really weird 'car accident but I can't look away' type way.

  5. HAHAHA, this is funny because i know several Russian people, and whenever they talk they sound like they are angry. privyet!!! Amazing, the video is so tight!Blog URL:

  6. Congrats! Keep up the good work and you'll reach 10k in no time!

  7. Whoop whoop keep it up man!